GazServ GEM Consulting Services

GazServ, a fast-growing Canada based geological consulting company with a proven track record of successful project deliveries in Canada, the company is expanding not only into new geographical markets but also expanding its services spectrum. GazServ has opened its regional office in Karachi, Pakistan and has expanded its consulting services to Geological and Environmental Management (GEM) Our company has a vast technical pool of highly qualified and experienced geoscientists, environmentalists, and health and safety experts to undertake full spectrum of studies in diverse sectors of environment and economy. We offer services in accordance with national and international requirements, and those of international funding agencies. Our services include following areas;

1. Surface Geological Studies

GazServ Geological & Environmental Management (GEM) Consulting Services has local and international qualified and experienced experts including but not limited to; field geologists, hydrogeologist and structural geologists preparing geological maps and writing geological reports. Our services include:

a. Detailed field Geological Survey to study Geomorphological, Hydrogeological, Structural and Tectonic features in all types of terrains and landforms
b. Preparing Geological maps.
c. Writing Geological Reports based on field studies and laboratory data
d. Preparing Hazard zone maps

2. Subsurface (D2) Geophysical Studies

GazServ GEM Consulting Services have the team of geophysicists and geologists with extensive experience in carrying out studies for determining subsurface geological stratigraphy, structures including cavities and buried channels causing damage to the buildings, pavements, Runways, and underground infrastructures. Our services include:

a. Electrical resistivity survey (ERT) in fissure/subsidence and upheaval soil causing serious damage to surface and subsurface, civil and other infrastructures.
b. Interpreting geophysical (ERT) data obtained from subsurface up to 60 meters depth to determine cavities.
c. Carrying out ERT to investigate landslides.
d. 2D resistivity tomography in delineating extent of leachate plumes around a landfill site.
e. Carrying out archaeological investigation by ERT.

3. Collapsible Soil Studies & Solutions

Collapsible soils are one of the most severe hazards causing more damage to surface structures and underground utilities founded on these types of soil settlements because of deferential settlements. Collapsible or expansive soils are more common in wind and arid climate intermittent stream deposits.

GazServ GEM has a multidisciplinary team of experts comprising highly qualified and experienced geologists, geophysicists, geotechnical and structural engineers to find solutions to the problems encountered in civil and military infrastructure development projects. Our services include:

a. Detailed geological survey and mapping
b. Survey of the built structures and the nature of fissures and cracks in the affected area
c. Carrying out geophysical survey (ERT) for obtaining subsurface rock types and structures
d. Carrying out drilling and studying core samples for the geotechnical properties and bearing strength of soil for suggesting suitable building foundations
e. Carrying out ERT for characterizing leakage of dams

4. Feasibility Studies for Mining & Fuel Industries

We have a vast technical pool of local and international Economic Geologists, Mining Engineers, Mineral Technologists, Chemists and Geophysicist for the following studies;

a. Feasibility studies for mining and value added mineral based industrial projects.
b. Feasibility studies for using indigenous coal in thermal power generation.
c. Feasibility studies for mineral processing and mineral based industries including glass and ceramics.
d. Carry out mineral deposits and mine survey for determining their grade and reserves.
e. To prepare geological maps for mineral deposits
f. To carry out sampling for mineralogical petrographic and chemical tests for construction industries.

5. Geo-tourism and Marine Tourism

Geo-tourism could be defined as the concept of tourism that maintains or enhances the distinctive and unique geographical features of a destination that include its surrounding areas, heritage and aesthetic characteristics, traditional and cultural values, as well as embracing the social well-being of its inhabitants. GazServ GEM Consulting Services have a team of experienced and professional consultants having expertise in maintaining or enhancing the distinctive and unique geographical features of a place that includes surrounding areas, heritage and aesthetic characteristics, traditional and cultural values etc. Our specialist team guides its clients in different fields of Geo-tourism and Marine tourism by providing following services.

a. Services for Geo-tourism
• Designs of Geo-tourism trails and maps
• Programmes for managing Geo-tourism tourist attractions
• Specialist reports, appraisals and evaluations of Geological/Geo-tourism sites
• Analysis of Geo-tourism potential of geographical regions and administrative areas in the country
• Developing plans to protect geodiversity
• Scientific consultancy in relation to publications and educational programmes about geology and Geo-tourism.
b. Services for Marine Tourism • Designs of marine tourism maps
• Programmes for managing marine tourism attractions
• Specialist reports, appraisals and evaluations of marine/coastal tourism sites
• Analysis of marine tourism potential of geographical regions and administrative areas in the country
• Developing plans to protect marine biodiversity
• Scientific consultancy in relation to publications and educational programmes about marine and coastal tourism

Environment & Disaster Management

1. Air & Noise Pollution

Air pollution is a serious environmental problem in major cities of Pakistan and other developing countries. The air toxicity is causing unhealthy environment resulting in chronic diseases and deaths in very large numbers throughout South Asia. GEM Consulting Services has the team of local and international experts to;

a. Carrying out tests for

• Ambient Air Quality
• Gaseous Emissions/Stack Emission
• Vehicular Emission
• Noise Level Measurement
b. Air Emission Modelling & Effects Assessment studies
c. To carry out technical studies on Environmental Enhancement Issues in cities.
d. To carry out air pollution monitoring studies for Industries and Traffic Management.

2. Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management is a challenge throughout the world, particularly in developing countries. Waste production is continuously increasing because of growing population, migration to urban areas and economic development. Geological and Environmental Management Services of our company offers the following:

a. Determining Physical Composition of Waste
b. Segregation of Organic Waste from other wastes.
c. Reuse and Recycling of waste
d. Composting & Biogas
e. Designs for Sanitary Landfill sites
f. Safe Disposal of Hazardous Wastes
g. Feasibility studies for waste to energy projects

3. Risk Assessment & Disaster Management

Natural Hazards (Floods, droughts, heat waves, landslides, earthquakes, wildfires, and cyclone) are common in Pakistan and other developing countries. Climate Change has triggered hazards, occurrence five times more during last 50 years. It has further worsening effects on the lives and livelihoods of people in rural and urban areas of Pakistan and other developing countries.

The multidisciplinary team of GazServ GEM comprising environmentalists, geologists, hydro-geologists, structural and geotechnical engineers, chemists and geophysicists having expertise to provide studies for Disaster Management in any type of terrain or land form focusing:

a. Hazard Risk Assessment
b. Hazard Zone Mapping
c. Mitigation of adverse effects caused by natural disasters (floods, droughts, landslides, earthquakes) heatwaves, cyclones and storm surges etc.
d. Studies related to Environmental (water, soil, air) degradation and pollution control etc.

4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Impact is a process of evaluating the adverse effects of a proposed project or development taking into account socio-economic, cultural and human health impacts.

Our company has a team of highly experienced geoscientists, economists, sociologists and geotechnical engineers to undertake initial environmental examination (IEE) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies and prepare report for approval by the concerned national Environment and international agencies.

a. Scoping to identifying potential impacts and alternative solutions for mitigating and compensating adverse impacts
b. Carrying out preliminary environmental review proposed project and its adverse impacts, if any.
c. Preparing environmental impact statement (EIS) or EIA report.

5. Environmental Management Trainings

Environmental Management is increasingly becoming an integral part of company’s quality management systems.

GazServ Geological & Environmental Management (GEM) Consulting Services offers the following trainings. The standard training programs are offered through qualified instructors specialized in their fields. We also offer customized training programs or package with specific requirements of occupational health, safety and environment.

a. Incident Investigations
b. Hazard and Risk Assessment at Worksite and Controls
c. Behavior-Based Safety Management
d. Worksite Inspection
e. Permit to Work System and LOTO
f. PPEs Selection, Use, and Maintenance
g. Job Safety Analysis
h. Contractor Safety Management
i. Safety Leadership
j. Risk Tolerance

k. GIS/Remote Sensing Course

Water Sector Services

1. Drinking, Pool and Waste Water Analysis & Treatment

GazServ GEM has the expert team comprising chemists, geochemists, microbiologists and environmentalists to conduct the following services;

a. Determining physical and chemical characteristics of municipal and industrial waste water
b. Determining microbial characteristic of waste water
c. Waste water recycling and reuse
d. Waste water treatment plants

2. Groundwater Exploration & Modelling

Pakistan is among water stressed countries. The demand of water for irrigation, drinking, domestic and other purposes is continuously increasing with growing rural and urban population. GazServ GEM offers the following services in this domain:

a. Groundwater exploration by electrical resistivity survey for installing wells or tube wells in urban and rural areas.
b. Groundwater salinity assessment and impacts on agriculture.
c. Groundwater modelling
d. Groundwater contamination modelling and assessment
e. Management responses to salt water intrusion
f. Conjunctive management of groundwater and surface water resources.
g. Effects of groundwater withdrawals on water tables on crops, and the demand for irrigation and domestic/industrial uses is mostly met by groundwater in arid areas, where most of the groundwater is saline.

3. Surface and Groundwater Pollution

Surface and groundwater pollution has increased with urbanization and industrialization in the developing world. Surface water bodies including sea/river waters, irrigation canals and lakes are heavily polluted by municipal and industrial waste water in most of the developing countries and it’s also common in Pakistan.

Groundwater is highly saline in Sindh, and contaminated with fecal organisms, arsenic, fluoride and nitrate etc.

GazServ GEM Consulting Services have highly qualified and experienced geologists, chemists and microbiologists to carry out;

a. Surface and Groundwater analysis for all physico-chemical parameters including toxic elements like arsenic, fluoride and nitrate etc.
b. Surface water pollution studies to identify polluting sources and suggesting mitigations measures.
c. Carrying out Drinking water quality assessments
d. Groundwater pollution and mitigation studies
e. To develop integrated water resource management & water efficiency for long term solutions.
f. To carry out studies to conserve water by adopting appropriate techniques and remedial measures.

4. Sea water Intrusion & Soil Salinity

A large number of coastal aquifers worldwide are impacted by Seawater intrusion. Indus delta is one of the largest and most vulnerable deltas in the world. Sindh’s coastal districts have been worst affected by the increasing saltwater intrusion in recent decades resulting in loss of cultivable land over large areas due to its submergence in the Arabian sea, and changing to the barren lands.

Our services include;
a. Temporal and special soil sampling to determine textural and chemical composition of soil.
b. Groundwater sampling from coastal aquifers for determining chloride concentration in post and pre monsoon seasons
c. Determining age and severity of sea water intrusion by carrying out chemical and isotope studies of groundwater
d. Suggesting mitigation measures to reduce the socio-economic and environmental impacts of seawater intrusion.

5. Reclamation of Saline & Waterlogged Soils

Soil salinity and water logging are badly affecting the cultivable and irrigated lands in developing countries. Coastal districts are worst affected by soil and groundwater salinity due to sea water intrusion in Pakistan and other countries.

As a result the crop yield and food productivity have reduced due to Climate Change challenges to developing countries in South Asia. Only in Sindh about 50% cultivated land has changed to barren land due to soil salinity and waterlogging.

Our company has highly qualified and experienced geoscientists and engineers to carry out the reclamation of saline and waterlogged soils by offering the following services:

a. Applying an integrated drainage and water management concept among land owners to control water table and saline lands
b. Applying tile drainage methods for checking water logging and salinity/ sodicity
c. Detailed topographical survey and Mechanical levelling of the land
d. To reclaim saline – sodic soils by using agro minerals like gypsum and different amendments
e. Suggesting salt resistant cultivable crops for increased farm income
f. Reclamation of the soils will be carried out through reuse of drainage effluent, blending with canal, tile drainage method application of gypsum, farmyard manure and press mud of sugar mills and soil analysis.

Renewable Energy & Conservation

1. Waste to Energy

a. Composting & Biogas

Recycling of food and other organic waste into Compost provides nutrients for soil, reducing GHG emissions, and mitigating impact of droughts. GazServ Geological & Environmental Management (GEM) Consulting Services have experts for:

• Preparing feasibility studies
• Development of the biomass or biogas projects
• Development of composting and recycling facility design
• Regulatory compliance
• Public awareness programs
b. Anaerobic Digestion

It is a process to produce methane and carbon monoxide with small fraction of sulphur dioxide gases by anaerobic digestion of organic waste containing yard, paper and food waste, and excluding plastic waste. This process requires low capital and operational costs as compared to thermal technologies. It also diverts most of the organic component from landfills.

c. Landfill Gas Production and Utilization

The degradation of organic fraction in sanitary landfill is helpful in capturing Methane with 50% concentration and in reduction of greenhouse gases. In Pakistan and other countries organic fraction constitutes about 50-70% of the total waste generated daily in urban areas.

2. Water & Energy Conservation

Stop needless waste of water, electricity and time. Save time and money managing water, motors, and tanks, so you can live a hassle-free life. Simplest way to control your motors by installing Automatic Motor Controller Benefits after installing,

a. Flow Detection
b. Auto Motor Switching
c. Level Detection
d. Controls Multiple Motors

3 Solar Energy

About half of rural areas in Pakistan and other South Asian countries are still without electricity. Remote parts of these countries remain mostly uncovered, and affecting socio-economic progress. Our services include;

• Preparing feasibility reports for solar electrification in off-grid and remote areas
• Undertaking site surveys, yield analysis, careful selection of products and vendors for installing solar systems at affordable price in homes, schools and other buildings.
• Our engineering specialists and consultants also provide services for other renewable energy systems like Hydroelectricity, Biomass, Biogas, waste to energy and their hybrid solutions including micro grid (on-grid/off-grid) systems.

4. Small Hydroelectric Projects

Hydropower is a non-renewable eco-friendly source of energy. GazServ GEM consultants offer services to set up small hydroelectric projects up to 25 Megawatt capacity, which are most feasible in high altitude areas, where a sizeable flow of water is available. Small hydroelectric units are feasible in northern and north Pakistan regions.