About GazServ

GazServ was established to provide accurate and cost-effective geoscience solutions to oil and gas companies. We deliver a wide range of subsurface solutions to mitigate reservoir risks and challenges, utilizing our expert-level services. Our experienced and skilled team of professionals have internationally recognized versatile work experience with oil and gas industry. We offer many geoscience services including; Geosteering services, Wellsite geological supervision, Chemostratigraphy, Geo project management, Static and dynamic modeling and Drilling optimization. Geosteering services is our core expertise with the ability to utilize state-of-the-art deep azimuthal resistivity tools application. We analyze and interpret LWD data for real-time decisions making in order to proactively geosteer the wellbore within specific target zone. We are committed to provide high quality services with latest technologies for integrated oil and gas business solutions through partnerships and collaborations.

Our Name & Logo

GazServ represents two words, ‘Gaz’ that is an acronym of ‘Geoscience A to Z’ and ‘Serv’ is a short form of ‘services’. So, the name says it all that we are providing complete geoscience solutions. Logo is an identity of a company and is an indicative of an expressive message. Our Feng Shui logo color scheme represents two colors; blue evokes a feeling of professionalism and loyalty while red represents energy and power. The flame represents oil and gas production.

Vision | Mission | Statement

To be a reputed and trusted geoscience consultancy company in delivering quality solutions and value to all stakeholders.

To provide the highest level of geoscience services to oil and gas companies and establish long-term relationships with clients.

Our Core Values

We hold firmly to our core values:

Honesty - Promises and responsibilities to keep, confidence in our employees, customers and other stakeholders and clear in all communications so that we generate assurance.

Team Integrity - Work as a team to ensure the success, cooperate to reach our common goals, focus on the important issues for the business and solutions which are in the best interests of the group.

Decisiveness - Our ability to make firm decisions in a timely manner between alternative courses of actions in a situation of uncertainty.

Leadership - Leadership to us means acting responsibly with total integrity at all time and represent company vision.

Who Are We?

The company was developed by experienced professionals of oil and gas industry to optimize geological operations in terms of production through LEAN and cost-effective solutions strategy. Our solutions aim to maximize oil and gas production and to minimize operations cost. Our experts have International work experience in providing proactive geosteering services, operations geology, static and dynamic modelling, reservoir evaluation, fracture modeling, wellsite geological supervision, chemostratigraphy, pore pressure analysis, directional drilling and more.