Our Experience

GazServ is a team comprised of international experienced geosteering and geoscience experts with more than 20 years in oil and gas industry across the globe. Our recognized experience in geosteering brings value to the clients worldwide.

Our versatile experience in different reservoirs types, conventional and unconventional, carbonates and clastics, with various customers worldwide enhanced our skills and knowledge to mitigate reservoir challenges and provide optimum solutions.

Where we worked


North America

Canada                                              CNRL


Middle East

Oman                                                PDO, OXY, CCED, PTTEP

United Arab Emirate (UAE)           ADCO, ADMA, ZADCO, DNO, Dragon Oil

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)  Saudi Aramco, KJO (Khafji Joint Operations)

Kuwait                                               KOC, Chevron JO

Qatar                                                 QP, Maersk, OXY,

Yemen                                               KNOC

Iraq                                                    OMV, MOL


South East Asia

Pakistan                                            POL, Petronas, BP, OXY, OMV



Turkey                                                PEMI

Russia                                                Lukoil-Usinsk, Rosneft – Astrakhan



Algeria                                              First Calgary Petroleum

Kenya                                                Turkana Energy


Far East

Philippine                                         Oriental Petroleum