Our Services

Remote Geosteering Services

GazServ is a team comprised of International experienced Geosteering experts with broader understanding of state-of-the-art high-end LWD, directional drilling tools, bed boundary effects, boundary mapping tools and 3D geospatial relationship between wellbore and geology.

Our core expertise is horizontal well placement within thin and challenging target zones with the ability to use the most recent LWD tools and RSS tools utilizing the data interpretation for proactive geosteering.

The deep azimuthal resistivity tools data understanding and interpretation is our edge on this service. We have utilized international service companies bedboundary mapping tools; including Baker Hughes’ AziTrak, Halliburton’s ADR, Schlumberger’s Periscope and Weatherford’s GWAR tool to analyze deep phase and attenuation resistivity average and binned readings, phases, attenuation, signal images and directional signals all for more accurate well placement

Precise well placement in the sweet spot results in increased production, less drilling time, reduced cost, better directional control with a smoother wellbore and successful completion

Our complete geosteering package incudes; Pre-well study, Pre-well modeling, Real-time Geosteering (24/7), Post-well study with recommendations fit-for-purpose tools and RT curves for geosteering in complex and challenging reservoirs.

Our post well analysis on LWD curves and recommendations of curves for real-time data transmission has proved results for a client in North America in avoiding reservoir-boundary exit without affecting drilling time and cost.

Geosteering curtain section of a wellbore placed within 1m target zone utilizing deep azimuthal resistivity tool.

Well Placement based on Grain Size Analysis

We have various methodologies to place horizontal wells within the target zone. For clients with specific reservoir setting, we help them geosteer their wells based on grain size analysis as an alternate of logging.

We utilize different calculations and analysis from sieve analysis results utilizing ratio and statistical methods to develop an understanding of reservoir for accurate well placement with limited lag time information.

Curtain section of a wellbore placed within specific zone based on grain size analysis.

Well Placement based on Chemostratigraphy

In particular reservoirs, where petrophysical logging curves have no remarkable features in adjacent stratigraphic boundaries and it is hard to predict the wellbore position based on logging curve. We recommend onsite chemostratigraphic analysis for wellbore positioning based on elements detection and on their specific ratios within reservoir. Here’s an example of a well steered based on chemostratigraphic analysis.

Curtain section of a wellbore placed within specific zone based on Chemical analysis. Notice the gamma ray is quite flat with no remarkable feature on it while the wellbore penetrated different stratigraphic units.

Service Deployment

  • Home based (Remotely)
  • In-house (Client’s office)
  • Remote Operations center (Our Office)
  • Onsite (At Rigsite)
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 12/7 monitoring
  • 24/7 during weekends and holidays
  • Off-line services (LAS & ASCII based)
  • As per Client’s request

  • Service Deliverbales

  • Pre-well report with multiple scenarios and recommendations
  • Daily 6-hourly report during the job
  • Hourly-Snapshots during the job
  • Final end-of-well report with details of operations and decisions making After action reviews for further improvements
  • Post well analysis
  • Additional technical reports on client’s request

  • Our Real-Time Geosteering Center

    Geological Wellsite Supervision

    In partnership with Belloy Petroleum Consulting, we provide Wellsite Geological supervision onsite through experienced Geologists with accurate and reliable data evaluation during drilling operations.

    GazServ and Belloy have extensive combined experience in wellsite geological supervision throughout in Canadian and International markets.

    Belloy experienced team has built a track record of delivering exceptional geological supervision on conventional, unconventional, oil sands and coal bed methane drilling programs in Canada. GazServ geologists have 20 years of international wellsite geology services experience in Middle East, Far East and Central Independent states.

    Our wellsite services include;
  • Geological Wellsite Supervision
  • Cuttings Analysis and Logging
  • Onsite Geosteering and Directional Supervision
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Sieve and Grain Size Analysis
  • Wireline Logging Supervision
  • Core Point Selection, Core Processing and Evaluation
  • Casing Point Selection
  • Data Acquisition, Compilation and Interpretation

  • Our wellsite geologists are responsible for:
  • Collection, evaluation, integration and supervision of all geological data from the wellsite during all drilling and coring operations.
  • Analyzing, evaluating and describing formations while drilling, using cuttings, gas, LWD, MWD & other data.
  • Preparing and transmitting accurate daily geological reports and detailed summaries of rig activities along with strip logs.
  • Performing real time geological correlation using all data to steer the well for optimal well placement.

  • An example of a Strip log of vertical well with drilling, lithology, gas and core data

    Horizontal strip log of a wellbore displaying geosteering data with well plan and trajectory.

    Geo Project Management

    In association with our partner Belloy Petroleum Consulting who has been working in Canada for nearly 40 years, we offer a complete geoscience project management solution that utilize powerful software platform ‘DI Transform’ to assist in planning, drilling, completion and production phases of the field.

    The main goals are to provide in-office operational assistance to the geoscience team, act as the liaison between geology and drilling and provide geosteering supervision to the geological and/or directional teams in the field. The service is built for multi-Rig coverage but can be applied to any drilling program.

    It involves monitoring & visualization of field operations from planning to completions with the ability to incorporate all available drilling, geological, structural, petrophysical and completions data.

    The 2D and 3D display of stacked layers of township map, satellite imageries, seismic data, depth and time grids, pad planning, well planning, geological mapping, stratigraphic correlations, formation displays, geosteering curtain section and more with the ability to process for data QC and analysis, production and petrophysical calculations.


    We offer high quality chemostratigraphic services and reservoir evaluations in association with our business partner. The company is at the forefront of a new revolution by creating a multi-disciplinary service matrix that incorporates a range of traditional and state-of-the-art analytical and interpretative techniques that can be tailored to tackle a wide range of geological challenges, while providing cost-effective and workable solutions for our clients. For more than ten years, our partner has been working onshore, offshore, conventional, and unconventional plays in Canada.

    Chemostratigraphic services include;
  • XRF, XRD, FTIR, petrographic studies and hyperspectral photography.
  • Quick acquisition of high quality elemental, mineralogical & TOC data.
  • Portable instrumentation with minimal setup for rapid deployment.
  • Pre-drill assessment of target formations for the identification of key reservoir zones.
  • Sonic, density and gamma analysis from cuttings.
  • Post drill/pre-completion onsite analysis. Elemental data while drilling allowing geosteering through the build section to target reservoir pay zones.
  • Direct and comprehensive analysis of cuttings samples as an alternative to core analysis and the deployment of LWD tools.
  • Mineralogical, TOC & Rock Properties for completion optimization.
  • Hot Shot Service; This rapid post well analysis can be undertaken at wellsite or in a remote field lab close to a series of rigs sites, or samples can be quickly couriered to our central laboratory hubs in Calgary for highly accurate ‘hot shot’ analyses, within a day or two. This hot shot option is more cost effective than wellsite remote lab deployment and still provides critical data for completion optimization within the necessary timeframe.

  • Reservoir Modeling

    We provide a fully integrated, multi-scale, 3D modeling solution from reservoir to field development planning with the latest reservoir modeling techniques.

    Reservoir Modeling is a core expertise of our geomodelling team. We perform integrated reservoir studies that include the evaluation of geophysical, geological, petrophysical and engineering data and apply the latest technology and industry standard software together with highly competent in-house engineering and geoscience staff, to build geostatistical models and up-scale them to dynamic models for simulation studies.

    We have conducted the integrated reservoir modeling for all field types. Studies have included conventional reservoirs (clastic and carbonates) and unconventional reservoirs (tight sand/carbonates and shales) from giant to small fields to pilot projects.

    Our reservoir modeling services include:
  • Build and update 3D static reservoir models.
  • Conventional and unconventional assets development, optimization and evaluation for acquisition and divestiture through integrated modeling application.
  • Develop Workflows.
  • Audit of existing models and recommendations.
  • Evaluate geomodelling software packages as per clients need.
  • Model based well planning, drilling optimization and geosteering for onshore and offshore operations worldwide

  • Why Geomodeling?

  • 3D static modeling provides better visualization of the structure and understanding of reservoir heterogeneity (facies distribution, properties variations etc.)
  • Low cost tool to reduce development risk, minimize uncertainties and maximize the value of assets
  • Provide input to flow simulation for field appraisal, development and optimization
  • Provide support in exploration activities (within field potential, near field exploration etc.)

  • GazServ geosteering experts have successfully geosteered more than 600 horizontal wells in complex conventional and unconventional reservoirs globally utilizing GR only to deep Azimuthal Resistivity LWD tool’s signals and borehole images. Contact us for precise, smooth and reliable well placement.