Why GazServ?

Our team of geologists having Canadian and International experience with expertise on advance LWD tools technology providing transparent and unbiased recommendations for cost-effective optimized solutions to the clients worldwide.

International Experience

Our team has Canadian and International experience in geosteering horizontal wells, utilizing high-end LWD tools of world-leading services companies in variety of reservoirs from conventional to unconventional and clastics to carbonates.

Our team’s previous experience with International services companies on their cutting-edge technology opened new frontiers of knowledge and expertise.

Expertise on LWD tools technology

The technology behind Gamma ray, Density and Neutron porosity is similar for all LWD tools. The difference is only in the type of radioactive sources that is either chemical or pulsed neutron generator.

All LWD (Logging While Drilling) tools work on principles of physics, and the fundamentals of physics remain the same with different tools technology.

The competition is only in the resistivity tool’s technology that is going beyond its limits with further advancement and development in technology.  A one-foot increase in the depth of investigation provides edge in winning the geosteering business competition, and so the focus of services companies is to keep on developing their deep azimuthal resistivity tools to see through the formation as deep as technologically possible. The areas of development are configuration of Tx-Rx spacings, frequencies, tilted or fully orthogonal antennas and specific mathematical algorithms to reduce signal-noise-ratio and other applied filters to resolve geological information and bed boundaries.

Our team has geosteered horizontal wells utilizing Halliburtons’ ADR, Baker Hughes’ Azitrak, Schlumberger’s Periscope and Weatherford’s GWAR tool.

With the utilization of almost all deep azimuthal resistivity tools available in the market, we have developed strong understanding of geosignals, phases and attenuation curves, compensated and uncompensated curves, tilted and fully orthogonal Transmitters and receivers, variable spacings and frequency, therefore, can provide technical solutions confidently.

Transparent and Unbiased

We are unbiased in the selection of LWD tools, geosteering software and technology as we are not a tools or software selling company, so our opinion is purely based on client’s reservoir challenges and availability of resources. Our honest and transparent opinions help in optimizing the operations and related costs. 

Cost Effective

Our geosteering solutions make your business cost-effective through Remote Geosteering concepts. One set of crew can handle up to three rigs geosteering operations under certain circumstances. That would reduce overall personnel cost and number of people at rigsite for safety. So we promote safe and cost effective operations.